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  1. In 1996, Zahniser Foundation records show 9,592 descendants of the original family, including those joining the family by marriage. In 1995, in all of the telephone books in the United States, there were listed 235 telephones under the name of Zahniser

  2. Not the father of the American family. See later text.

  3. For later confirmation see Appendix 2

  4. For other information on the meaning of the name, see Appendix 1

  5. But not in the 1996 book reprint, but here: 


  6. For more on the Clementz family, in Ilbesheim and in Pennsylvania refer to Appendix 2

  7. For a possible contradiction, see Appendix 2,

  8. Juliana may have found relatives and neighbors from her home town, when she arrived. See Appendix 2,

  9. The surname appears as Lind in Lancaster County records, and as Lint in the 1888 History of Mercer County

  10. See Appendix 2 for later information on the war record.

  11. The bible is now in the museum of the Mercer County Historical Society

  12. For availability of such records see Appendix 4, or use the Database link on the Home Page

  13. Actually, a little earlier. From the MERCER DISPATCH January 26, 1883: "The Zahniser Family are well pleased with the granite monument erected to the memory of the ancestors in the old burying ground on the farm of A.J. Zahniser ......."

  14. This was written in 1948. The first reunion, as stated, was in 1875.

  15. Although our source shows the ship's name to be Snow Ketty, it seems likely to the editor that the vessel's name was Ketty (English translation from old Dutch is Katy)  and "Snow" refers to the type of ship, a snow being a large sailing vessel of the period, common in Europe, but little used by American shippers.

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