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The Zahnisers

A history of the family in America

Digital Zahniser Red Book Edition 
Copies of this edition are neither maintained nor supported and are thus immediately obsolete.


The Old Homestead (Reproduced)

The Zahniser Foundation is a corporation chartered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to maintain the burying places, records and traditions of the Zahniser family.

  • THE ZAHNISERS was published in 1906, relating the family's origins and providing a record of the first generations in America. A small supplement was printed in 1948, another supplement covering only the descendants of Michael was separately printed.  All of these printings and some graphics were combined into a hard cover publication in 1968. A spiral bound paper back abridgment was published in 1996.  While parts of the original work were omitted, this edition did include new information found since the previous printings.

  • The ZAHNISER REUNION has been held in Mercer County, Pennsylvania every year since 1875.

  • Cemetery preservation has been focused on the OLD ZAHNISER CEMETERY near Jackson Center in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Major restoration has been carried out there, and the property is held in trust by the Foundation.

  • The recording of all descendants (and ancestors) of Valentine Zahniser is far from complete, but the record includes over 10,000 names. The effort continues


See the 1996 printing of THE ZAHNISERS to which is now added the additional information referred to above including a table of contents

Learn about the Matthias Zahniser Chapter of the Daughters of American Colonists in Appendix 3

Explore the "Inverted Tree" of all known descendants of the original Zahnisers  (This is a very large database and only partially displayed on this website.)

Search the Obituary Collection -A compilation by Betty Zahniser Shafer from newspaper archives and other sources.

Additional information may be available. Email:

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