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There are lots of opportunities...
The Old Zahniser Homestead (reproduced)

Donate to the Zahniser Foundation

Donations of all sizes help ensure the Zahniser Foundation remains a relevant, vital and celebrated community resource

At this time the Foundation is not a 501(c)3 organization. That said, contributions keep family traditions documented, updated, and alive.  


Estate contributions are welcome. Please email the well in advance so that your gift can be accurately identified and acknowledged.

Zahniser Foundation Family Store

Shop and create at the Zahniser Foundation Family Store


The Zahniser Foundation partners with an online company that provides our store, manages products, handles manufacturing, inventory, the logistics of purchasing, delivery, returns and sends the Foundation a small percentage of each item sold.

Everyone is invited to shop at the Zahniser Foundation Family store. If you do not like what you see, contact and  you can create your own custom product, buy it and then the store will offer it for sale to others.

Donate time to the Foundation for special projects


Donate to the Family Archives / Create website content

What a wonderful idea!!! Let's go!

  • To create website content, tell stories, post images, etc. please contact the Website Committee.

  • To donate material to the Family Archives each file of DIGITAL material must be accompanied by eight attributes.  Here are detailed guidelines. Each file should be less than 25 MB. Temporary cloud storage and a spreadsheet are available for bulk uploads. Queries in advance of digital material donations are highly recommended and should be made to  

Other ideas for donations


Donate Create Content
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