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Zahniser Foundation Committees
Zahniser Family Tree Roots

The Zahniser Foundation Family History Committee

We research Zahniser historical and genealogical data, research little known family accomplishments, archives and seek to identify missing members of the extended family. We comply with privacy laws, publishing and sharing what we can. No living Zahniser information is ever publicly shared.

We would love to have additional members on the committee. Reach out to us at

Zahniser Website Team

The Zahniser Foundation Website Committee

We are a virtual team who maintains, manages and updates the Zahniser website... yet we could be so much more.

Our team and the Foundation would be excited to leverage Generative AI and LLMs to visit our ancestors virtually in the metaverse & elsewhere.

Reach out to us at to help maintain the past and deliver the future!

Zahniser Communication Committee

The Zahniser Foundation Communication Committee

We support the Zahniser Foundation, all its committees and the broader Zahniser Family with timely, interesting, fascinating, and indeed scintillating communications.

Our communiques include Zahniser Family Reunion announcements and cover a wealth of other topics.

Communicate with us at Lets talk!

Zahniser Monument Obelisk

The Zahniser Foundation Cemetery Committee

With a history of over 200 years, the Zahniser Cemetery constantly seeks and deserves tender loving care.  It is a national treasure in a pastoral setting located off Hosack Road, near Jackson Center, in Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

To commune with Zahniser ancestors and meditate in their gardens contact us at and we will get you in touch!

Zahniser Reunion circa 2007

The Zahniser Foundation Reunion Committee

Each year in early August the Zahniser Family Reunion is held in or around Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

We are the group who select the site, the menu and put it all together.

Join us by reaching out to and help prepare the event. Then, enjoy and revel in the fruits of your labor while participating in the family fellowship that follows.

Family History
Social media

A Private Facebook Group named Zahniser Clan was created on March 2, 2007. It is publicly visible and available to join at 

Family on the web (links)


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