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Original Zahniser Red Book


A copy of the original THE ZAHNISERS red book written by KATE M. ZAHNISER AND CHARLES REED ZAHNISER, published by Kate M. Zahniser in Mercer, PA, August 30, 1906. Generally, the pictures in this version of the book are pretty good. The book is 218 pages long.

An online copy of the original book, good for reading, is available here.

The original book is also available online for downloading in multiple formats, and stored below in these Family Archives. It takes rather a long time to download and load the original book.

Original Red Book Zahniser History
Download PDF • 9.25MB

An updated and digitized copy of the Red Book is available on the home page of this website.

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Doug Zahniser

Jan 5, 2017

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Aug 30, 1906

Original Zahniser Red Book
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